Windows 10 taking forever to start up.

The new version of Windows 10 (Creators Edition) is slowly being made available to users via the Microsoft Update process. Users will be presented with a choice of options initially and the update follows on later. You will know when this update takes place as the computer will take a long time to restart whilst continuing installation.

Some of the Microsoft updates that follow the upgrade to build 1703 are taking a long time to install. Customers are finding that the computer is taking a long time to start and may pause on a black screen for up to 10 minutes prior to or after reaching the ‘Welcome Screen’. The computer may also take time to load the desktop or allow access to the Internet. DO NOT PANIC! Just give the computer time to complete the installation and all will be well the next time you start the computer.

If you interrupt the slow start up through frustration, you will only prolong the agony.