Wireless Networks


If you have been told that you are too far from the Local Telephone Exchange to receive Broadband, we may be able to help. Please phone for advice and details.

Home & Business

NCMCR offers a vast range of cabled and wireless network products to meet your requirements. Whether it is a new Network or an existing Network that needs expanding we are able to assist you. As with all of our products, we are able to undercut the retail price and have access to far superior devices to those supplied by the Internet Service Providers.

We can network your printer, Games Console, Itouch and computers regardless of whether they require a cable, wireless or combination connection. With over 25 years experience in the telecommunications industry, we can also resolve any existing problems you may have.


edi router    edi access    edi mains


Hotels & Holiday Resorts

Hotels and Holiday Resorts are finding that customers would like to stay in touch with their Business or relatives while they are on holiday. The increase in laptop sales and hand held devices has prompted accommodation owners to consider installing Broadband access for their customers.

This can be a challenge to computer engineers given the sheer size of the site or accommodation. A lot of the properties in Cornwall are constructed from Granite and together with the wall insulation on new buildings it is increasingly difficult to penetrate the wall with a Wireless signal. You do not need to place a Satellite Dish on the side of your property. All of the products we use are robust and discreet.

Main House EW-7301APG      Edimax_EW-7301APg


NCMCR has access to products capable of transmitting a Wireless signal in access of 2 miles along with a tried and tested system to overcome issues with signal penetration. Whether you are interested in a Wireless Hotspot or total coverage, NCMCR has a product for you. We would naturally carry out a site survey and estimate free of charge


NCMCR has a vast experience of working with local farmers to offer Network access for Parlour control, Livestock Passport, Feed software and remote Veterinary support. We fully understand the challenges when installing wireless networks to link farm out buildings. Robust low profile custom built computers designed for use in damp and dusty environments. Remote access support.

Remote Surveillance

 You may wish to add a live video feed to your website so potential customers can see the surrounding area, Holiday Resort, Hotel, Coastline or Public House for instance. We can supply a range of IP cameras that can be operated via your website to view the surrounding area.

The Cameras can be used for private property surveillance, providing remote monitoring and recording for peace of mind.


edimax cam 4   Edimax cam2    edimax cam3  edimax-ic-7000ptn-253x300


Range Extenders


wifi extender

Please call for details.